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Pool Heater Repair & Replacement Beverly Hills

Gas Pool Heater Repair and Replacement Service in Beverly Hills, CA

Every inground pool needs a heater to operate at its best. A pool heater not only keeps your pool at a comfortable temperature consistently, but it also allows you to adjust the temperature whenever it is needed. Pool heaters can last for years, but having regular maintenance performed on them is critical to ensuring they continue to work properly and last as long as possible. If you notice that your pool heater is heating inconsistently or is starting to break, do not wait to seek assistance from our experts here at Aqua Masters.

Aqua Masters: Beverly Hills Pool Heater Repair

At Aqua Masters, our team is committed to providing high-quality, thorough pool services and maintenance in Beverly Hills and surrounding LA neighborhoods. Maintaining an inground pool can be complex, especially if you spend a great deal of time away from home. That is why you should rely on professionals like ours to keep your pool in great shape all year. From tile cleaning to pool gas heater repair, our team at Aqua Masters has experience working in countless different areas of pool upkeep. If you need to have a pool heater installed, repaired, or replaced, see how our team may be able to help you today.

Signs Your Gas Pool Heater Needs to Be Repaired or Replaced

When a gas pool heater starts to wear out, it is important that you have it inspected as soon as possible. This way, you can avoid further damage and hopefully save your equipment. While some issues may be obvious, it is not always easy to know if your pool heater is malfunctioning. There are several common signs that your pool heater may need to be repaired.

Inconsistent Temperatures or Being Unable to Properly Warm

One of the most common and easily noticeable signs that your pool heater requires repair is when it is unable to warm your pool to your desired temperature. If you notice that you are consistently setting your heater to the temperature you want but it does not seem to get any higher or lower, there are most likely internal issues with the heater. Inconsistent temperatures may also be a sign that your heater is starting to break. If it seems like your pool can reach desired temperatures but not hold them consistently, then there is most likely an issue.

Heater Has Rust or Corrosion

Rust and corrosion are never a good sign. Unfortunately, because your pool heater deals with weather changes and other natural elements, it can be hard to fight rust once you have had it for an extended period. Both rust and corrosion can weaken the metal your heater is made from. Eventually, it can be damaged beyond repair if you do not catch the problem in time. If you notice rust on your pool heater, it is best to have a professional examine it as soon as possible. They will be able to assess if it can be removed.

Heater Shuts Down or Will Not Stay On

Every pool heater works a bit differently. If your heater is consistently shutting down, there may be a few different reasons for it. For example, your heater could have a power source issue. If you have a gas heater, it may shut off if it is low on fuel, whereas an electric heater might stop working if there is a faulty transformer not providing power. In addition to power source issues, inadequate water flow and dirty filters can also cause a water heater to stop working properly or shut down.

New or Unusual Noises

While pool heaters usually make a distinct noise when operating, new or unusual noises coming from your heater often mean that there is an issue. In many cases, debris builds up on the inside of your heater, in a filter, or in your hose, causing it to make extra noise when starting up and shutting down. If you notice that your heater is making new noises that you have not heard before, such as whistling, you should have it inspected as soon as possible.

Burning Smells, Smoke, or Sparks

Burning smells, smoke, and sparks are always alarming if they are coming from any of your equipment. Even if you notice a slight burning smell when operating your heater, it is best to shut it off and have a professional look at it immediately. Because your heater endures a wide range of different weather conditions and outdoor elements like pests, its wires can become damaged. If your wires are damaged, then smoke, burning smells, and sparks can all occur. These can all lead to a potential fire, which is why it is important to have an expert handle the situation before it gets to that point.

Types of Pool Heaters

When you are choosing a heater for your inground pool, your decision will largely depend on the heating sources you have available at your home as well as the size of your pool. There are four main types of pool heaters from which you can choose.

Gas Heaters

Gas heaters are some of the most commonly used pool heaters because they work quickly. A gas pool heater can raise temperatures around one degree an hour, versus other types of heaters that can only raise them a few degrees per day. These heaters work similarly to the ones that you have in your home and are extremely effective at their job. To have a gas pool heater installed, you will have to have a natural gas line available or use propane as fuel. If you would like a more eco-friendly option, there are some gas heaters with lower emissions.

Electric Heaters

Electric pool heaters are smaller options that are great for warming hot tubs, spas, and small pools. Unfortunately, electric heaters are not the best for larger pools because they can take a much longer time to properly heat them. They can also drastically increase your energy bill if you use them consistently for a pool that is too big. Electric pool heaters are an environmentally friendly option that is best for smaller pools, and they are easy and inexpensive to have installed. If you have a hot tub, spa, or small pool, an electric heater might be right for you.

Solar Heaters

The most eco-friendly option for warming your pool will be a solar heater. Using panels that absorb and collect energy from the sun, water is pushed into the collectors, heated, and then returned to the pool. Solar panels can also be placed in a variety of locations, unlike other types of heaters. Solar heaters are much slower than gas heaters and are recommended for smaller pools. They can only raise the temperature of a large pool a few degrees per day. Because we live in California, solar heaters are a great option, as the weather does not get very cold and there is plenty of sun for the panels to take in.

Heat Pumps

A heat pump is commonly described as a “reverse air conditioner.” It is another kind of electric heater that is smaller in size compared to others. A heat pump works differently than the average electric heater by extracting heat from the air around it and then using an evaporator, compressor, and condenser to ultimately heat up the water in the pool. These kinds of pumps work efficiently, are an eco-friendly option, and are less expensive to run than some other common types of heaters.

How Maintenance Can Help Your Pool Heater

With high-quality maintenance services, such as those we offer here at Aqua Masters, you can help your pool heater in many ways. One of the biggest advantages of having regular maintenance performed on your heater is that it can make a massive difference in the length of its lifespan. On average, a pool heater can last anywhere from 6 to 15 years if you take care of it correctly. If you do not, it is easy for daily wear and tear to quickly shorten its life. Having your heater examined by professionals even once per season can help you keep it working great for as long as possible.

In addition to helping your heater stay long-lasting and keep working efficiently, regular maintenance helps catch any issues that could cause damage or even be potentially dangerous. When issues with your heater are caught quickly, you are often able to save your equipment from breaking completely or having to be replaced. A professional can quickly assess your equipment, identify any issues, and get them fixed before any more problems occur.

Gas Pool Heater Repair and Replacement Services in Beverly Hills

A pool heater plays a critical role in the overall function, comfortability, and aesthetics of your pool. If you are having issues with your gas pool heater or need to have it replaced, our team at Aqua Masters can assist you with your project. Not only can we perform expert maintenance and repair services, but we also offer a variety of equipment for your pool. To learn more about Aqua Masters and what we may be able to do for you and your pool, contact us today.


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