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Pool Equipment Installation West Hollywood, CA

New Pool Equipment Installation Service in West Hollywood, CA

Pools are a popular pastime in the state of California. When it comes to upgrading your pool, there are plenty of new amenities that can make that sunny day swim in your West Hollywood home that much more refreshing. Whatever new equipment you are adding to your pool, the team at Aqua Masters Inc is standing by to provide the quality installation you need to enjoy the most out of your swimming season.

Aqua Masters Inc: West Hollywood Pool Expertise You Can Count On

The team at Aqua Masters Inc has years of experience with new pool equipment installations, and we are prepared to tackle any installation project. We understand that your pool is a key part of your family’s fun and recreation, which is why we are ready to effectively and efficiently handle installations to improve your pool and get you back in the water.

Which Pool Heater Should I Have Installed?

By installing a gas pool heater, you can enjoy a swim even when the weather is cooler. When selecting which heating equipment to install, it’s important to understand the benefits of each method. When you choose what type of heater you need for your pool, the team at Aqua Masters can install it for you.

Gas Heater Installation

The most popular heaters for pools are gas heaters. They can heat a pool far more quickly than other heaters. However, a gas heater will need to utilize a natural gas line or propane tank, so be sure to keep that in mind when determining how and where to install a gas heater for your pool. Gas heaters do tend to use more energy, but there are also eco-friendly options with fewer emissions.

What Are Other Important Installation Services to Improve Your Pool?

However you are looking to upgrade your pool, Aqua Masters Inc handles a variety of other installations as well.

Automatic Controller Installation

Installing an automatic controller can make caring for your pool significantly easier. An automatic controller allows you to keep tabs on all of your pool’s needs and specifics, from monitoring temperatures and your heating equipment to managing your pool cleaner and tackling other pool upkeep all from the convenience of your phone or tablet. Aqua Masters Inc can help make taking care of your pool as easy as checking an app when we install your automatic pool controller.

Pool Cleaner Installation

Another great equipment upgrade to take the stress out of caring for your pool is installing an automatic pool cleaner. With many options for what type of pool cleaner to install, you will want to pick the model that best fits your pool’s needs. You will want to consider specifics such as where your pool is located, if it’s indoor or outdoor, and how much debris ends up in your pool. Whatever pool cleaner you choose, Aqua Masters Inc can keep your pool clean and refreshing with a quick and easy installation.

Salt System Installation

One of the best pieces of pool equipment to help save money is installing a salt system. Not only does a salt pool create an extra refreshing swim, but a salt system means you will spend less money on pool cleaning chemicals like chlorine since the system requires far less of it. This also means the water is typically gentler to your eyes, hair, skin, and even towels and other swimwear. Once installed, salt systems also take less maintenance than chlorine pools. If you are looking to add a salt system to your pool, Aqua Masters Inc is ready to provide efficient and expert installation.

Filtration Equipment Installation

One of the most important pieces of pool equipment is having proper and up-to-date filtration systems and devices. Ensuring you have the proper filtration equipment means your pool remains safe for those who swim in it and prevents potentially damaging debris from accruing in your pool. There are several types of filter equipment to choose from, so it’s important to know which works best for your pool.

Cartridge Filter

A pool cartridge filter is a slightly more secure system that is designed to keep your pool water from being contaminated by particles and smaller debris. At the center of the cartridge filter system, there are several tall cylinders composed of dirt-trapping fibers, and the system is designed to use a pressurized tank to separate your clean pool water from most debris or particles.

Diatomaceous Earth Filter

While any of these filters can effectively keep your pool clean and safe, the diatomaceous earth filter is the most effective. This system utilizes a powder taken from diatoms, or fossilized algae and water-based plants, to catch even the smallest debris. While this is the most effective, it is also the most expensive method of filtration.

Whatever filter you choose to have installed, or if you’re simply replacing an older filtration system, Aqua Masters Inc can install the perfect pool filter to keep your pool safe and clean.

FAQs About Pool Equipment Installation Service in West Hollywood, CA

How Much Does Pool Equipment Cost?

While planning where to install your pool equipment will be partially determined based on the location of the actual pool, it’s important to try to place the equipment close to or at your home to make it inconspicuous and able to properly connect to any energy sources. You will also want to keep the equipment at the same level as or lower than the pool.

Should You Enclose Your Pool Equipment?

While not necessary, enclosing your pool equipment can help keep it safer from the elements, as well as blend in better with your pool’s design.

Does Your Pool Equipment Need Ventilation?

Your pool pump and other equipment must have enough air circulation to properly function. If there is free airflow around your pool equipment, everything should work as it should.

Contact Aqua Masters Inc for Your Pool Equipment Installation

When installing pool equipment, it’s important to have the expertise and knowledge for proper and efficient installation. That’s why Aqua Masters Inc is committed to providing clients with quick and expert installations. To learn more about us and what we may be able to do for you and your pool, contact us today.


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