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Terms and Conditions

The following policies are to ensure the highest quality service in the industry. Invoices and accepted estimates will serve as a contract between Aqua Masters Inc and client. By patronizing our services, client is acknowledging that he or she has read, understands and accepts the Policies listed below by Aqua Masters Inc.



Client shall grant Aqua Masters access to said swimming pool and equipment areas during regular business hours, Monday through Friday or on agreed upon schedule for repairs. Weekly cleaning services will be provided on the same day every week, however, quality assurance and repair visits may be on alternate days per week. If access is unattainable due to locked gates, dogs, pool covers, or any other limitation out of the control of Aqua Masters Inc, there will be a rescheduling fee for the visit and no credit shall be provided. Any gate keys or gate codes that are necessary to access pool area and equipment must be provided at the start of service.


Due to liability reasons we DO NOT add water to your pool. It is the client’s responsibility to monitor water levels and add water as needed. Aqua Masters does not accept any responsibility / liability for damage to equipment or pool due to low water levels. If client suspects they may have a leak, Aqua Masters can set up a bucket test at the owners request to determine if the loss of water is due to evaporation or a leak.


Solar covers will be rolled back only if client has a roller in working condition and be left off in order to add chemicals and provide proof of service visit.

Safety covers (Including automatic covers) will not be removed by Aqua Masters Inc for liability reasons. If safety cover / Auto Cover is on pool during weekly cleaning, service technician will do chemical and equipment checks only. There will be no refund or credit for the visit

In cases of high winds, rain, fires or other extreme weather we will follow our wind schedule. Technicians follow a set schedule and cannot extend service time due to reasons out of their control. Pools may be affected for several weeks after extreme weather. Client can request additional cleaning visits to get their pool back in order faster at an additional cost. Aqua Masters Inc recognizes all major holidays. Service visits will be rescheduled at the discretion of Aqua Masters. Aqua Masters will be closed the last week of every calendar year for inventory and so our team can spend time with their loved ones.


All Transactions are subject to a processing fee of 3% for credit cards & 1% for ACH. (Checks do not receive a processing fee)


Invoices for the upcoming month of pool cleaning service will be sent via email on the first of every month and due within 15 days of receipt. Invoices not paid within 30 days are subject to suspension of services until payment is received. Client is responsible for all costs (if any) associated with their lapse of cleaning services due to non payment. Client has the option of setting up a credit card on file to be ran on either the 1st or 15th of the every calendar month. Client may request to have their credit card taken off file at any time. Commercial accounts agree upon a net 20 for payment. In addition to weekly services, additional maintenance services must be performed to maintain balance to the pool. Client authorizes Aqua Masters to perform the following items and bill accordingly

1. Filter Cleaning: $175 (as needed, usually every quarter)

2. Phosphate Treatment: $150 (yearly)

3. Conditioner: $95 (yearly)

4. Filter Grids: Prices Vary (as needed)

5. Mineralizer: $125 (replaced every 6 months)

6. Service Calls (minimum 1 hour): $255 an hour (as needed and billed at an hourly rate)

Chlorine-based systems

1. Chlorine Tablets: $299 (yearly if needed) * Tablets are stored at client’s home, they are added weekly as needed with a one time charge at the start of summer

2. Chlorine Floater: $29.99 (as needed)

3. PH/ORP Sensor Cleaning: $49.99 (only if client has ph/orp system)

Salt Systems

1. Salt Cell Cleaning: $140 (as needed, usually every quarter)

2. Salt Bags: $19.99 /bag (as needed)

Spas and Fountains

1. Filter Cleaning: $175 (as needed, usually every quarter)

2. Mineralizer: $175 (replaced every 6 month’s)

3. Drain and Clean: $275 an hour. (This is a billed by hour rate and is subject to change depending on length of time needed to complete the job)

Prices outlined on this page are for weekly service customers only. Prices are subject to change at any time. Initial or one-time services may require additional parts and/or labor and will be estimated separately.



Estimates are emailed to clients and must be approved by clicking the “I accept” tab in their estimate, prior to work being scheduled. Any additional services requiring the purchase of parts, troubleshooting, or labor time will also require a credit card on file with a down payment to be ran prior to job being scheduled and the balance to be charged on the card upon completion of the job. Customer must notify Aqua Masters inc if they are using another form of payment before completion of the job. In cases where future parts/labor are needed, payment in full for the original estimated work will need be completed prior to future work being done. Future estimates for parts and additional labor will be estimated separately.

Estimates for repairs requiring time sensitive treatments such as chemical and one time cleaning services will be good for up to 24 hours from date sent. Estimates for repairs and installations will be good for 7 days from date sent. In cases where an initial troubleshoot visit is completed and the estimate for repair expires or is rejected, a service call fee will be charged for original troubleshooting visit. Client understands there will be minimum of a service call fee charge to them for coming out to troubleshoot any issue with their pool. Fee may be waived at the discretion of Aqua Masters Inc.

Billing for Large Projects

Larger projects which require multiple visits and services will have a payment schedule outlined in your original estimate. Estimates with a payment schedule are good for 14 days from date sent. Any unforeseen parts or labor may require a change order to complete the project. In such cases, a separate estimate or email outlining the necessary work will be sent to client and must be accepted prior to additional work being done. Payment schedule for change orders will follow the same guidelines listed in the repairs/installations section above and will be billed separate from the original project estimate unless specifically outlined in their change order estimate. Failure to adhere to payment schedule may result in delays in project until payment is made.

Sample payment schedule would be as follows:

10%: Down Payment

90%: After completion of Items

Failure to Pay Schedule

For all services provided by our company, Aqua Masters Inc retains the right to charge a failure to pay fee on all invoices 30 days overdue every month until balance is paid in full. All California lien and collections laws apply and all invoices will be subject to a 20% late fee per month. Client will be responsible for all costs incurred with filing mechanics lien including additional service call fees for time spent filing and processing liens or collections at a rate of $255 per hour.


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