Our weekly maintenance service has become an industry leader by integrating a proven, 10 step process on every visit that ensures your pool gets the best care possible. We also have a dedicated, in-house repair/installation team just in case you ever need anything above and beyond your normal cleaning.

1. Skimming of top and bottom of pool

2. Standard or leaf vaccuum of debris at bottom

3. Brush of walls and tile line

4. Testing of chemical balance of pool

5. Addition of any chemicals needed

6. Clearing of baskets

7. Equipment assesment for proper function

8. Service call photos/notes for any repairs needed

9. Work order photos/notes for any extras completed

10. Digital report detailing every visit by our team

Click here for a sample video of our logging system


In addition to your weekly service, we have also developed a system for scheduling maintenance services such as filter cleans, seasonal chemicals etc that are geared toward preventing pool problems before they start. Not only does this make the quality of your pool water better, but also extends the life of your pool equipment saving you money and headaches. In the service business its all about structure and attention to detail. Here is the breakdown, season by season, of what we do and why.

Spring: Spring (or your initial startup service) is the most important time for your pool. It is what separates your pool from being ready for swim season and never-ending problems. We like to be prepared!

1. Phosphate/enzyme treatment: https://tinyurl.com/phsphatetrt

2. Conditioner: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6lpZVnDLxFk

3. Filter clean: (insert filter cleaning video)

4. Mineralizer: https://tinyurl.com/aqmneralizer

Summer: Since the major treatments are completed in spring, summer treatments are all about keeping the chemicals in line. Here are the summer treatments:

1. Tabs/Shock: (insert tab video)

2. Enzyme Treatment: (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D69V92I1U0k)

Fall: Preparing to push for the final swim season. Since we stayed on top of our pools the whole season through, the fall is just about keeping it nice for the last swim weeks of the year.

1. Filter cleaning

2. Mineralizer refill: https://tinyurl.com/aqmneralizer

Salt Systems: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aNTYGErMr8M&t=19s

If you have a salt system there will be some additional items that will need maintenance.

1. Salt cell cleaning: (as needed, usually every 4-6 month’s)

2. Sensor cleaning: (as needed, usually every 4-6 month's )

3. Bags of Salt: as needed to maintain specific operating range of salt system

For more information on our procedures and prices please view our terms and conditions http://aquamastersusa.com/terms-and-conditions/

With weekly pool service, you are entirely depending on the quality and knowledge of your service technician which is why most pool companies fail. They either aren’t trained properly, qualified or just plain inconsistent which is why most companies can’t keep control of all the repairs, workers, phone calls, emergencies etc. Aqua Masters Inc has worked hard to break through all these issues and come up with a proven system to keep us operating smoothly which keeps your pool service operating smoothly

1. TRAINING Every member of our team goes through a rigorous training program that includes in field training, written testing and backround checks. This ensures that your technician cares about what he is doing and has the knowledge to do it. Not to be outdone by other companies, we also enroll our team in continued learning programs such as trade shows, lectures and seminars by manufacterers so we can be constantly updated of whats going on with new equipment.


Everyone loves to say they have quality assurance but let us show you how we actually do it! Just t rusting that our technician did a good job is not enough! So we added more steps to ensure you get what you pay for.

Extra monthly visit: Every month one of our managers visits your pool in addition to your weekly service to do a quality inspection. On this visit, we run through both seasonal and weekly chemistry, equipment and overall quality of your pool service. By doing this it solves a couple things.

Keeps our serviceman accountable: Along with having to digital log everything weekly, having someone check the quality of their work allows us to monitor the performance of our team and fix any small issues that could become bigger issues. We also give them the responsibility to talk to our clients about the pool and what is happening so they are vested in the quality of your pool.

An extra service visits per month adds an extra layer of quality as we now come 5 days in a month instead of 4. Pool stay cleaner, problems get noticed and solved faster allowing you a better pool experience.


Face it we are in a digital age where things move fast and people want things done quickly which is why we have embraced technology. Saving time on paperwork and keeping organized allows us to get things done quickly and efficiently.

Digital App: Everyone on our team uses an app on the phone that logs every time they are on your property, what the chemical readings are, any repairs that need to be done, and any additional services completed. No more guessing when someone was there and what they did! Click here for sample video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QRDJhxgJkLU

Estimates/Invoicing: Aqua Masters Inc is a completely paperless company! All our estimates and billing are done via email so typical estimates are sent within a few hours instead of days. We also accept credit card payments and even have auto-pay features which help you save time and headache so you can worry about more important things in life other than if you paid your pool man.


We have a dedicated team with over 100 years experience in the pool industry. Having a dedicated and knowledgable staff allows us to do things other companies just can’t do. Our motto is overstaffing not understaffing. We want to be able to help you as fast as possible.

In house repairs/installations: Instead of waiting for weeks for your pool guy to have time (or call someone else) to fix a leak, troubleshoot a heater, install a new product or troubleshoot an automation system, we have a dedicated repair team who’s sole responsibility is repairs and installations. Since problems are reported digitally through our app while our weekly technician is on site, repairs are done quickly and seamlessly without any stress on our customers.

Additional Services: Not to be outdone, Aqua Masters Inc goes above and beyond your normal everyday pool services and provides several backyard services including replastering, outdoor lighting, outdoor furniture, artificial turf and deck work just to name a few. Feel free to browse our website for full information on everything we do.

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