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Swimming Pool Repair Services West Hollywood

Swimming Pool Repair Services in West Hollywood, CA

Your swimming pool is an excellent refuge from the beating California sun, particularly during summer. Choosing an experienced pool service to take care of your refuge can be the difference between your pool maintenance being a chore and keeping your West Hollywood pool effortlessly spa-level sparkling clean for years to come. Here are a few things to watch out for to avoid the worst inconveniences your pool equipment can throw at you and keep your inground pool peaceful and comfortable.

Swimming Pool Repair Services West Hollywood

Heater Problems

Any in-ground pool is going to need a little help in the mornings to warm back up from the chill of the night. A proper heating system, whether it is a solar system, heat pump, electric, or high-powered gas system, can help your pool reach a comfortable temperature quickly. Your typical heater system will last for years, but it can easily throw you a curve ball without regular maintenance and inspection.

It’s likely time to call someone in to have a look if you see inconsistent heating or your heater isn’t reaching temperatures that it should. This is especially true if it’s making new noises or shuts down outside of its programmed times. Depending on the system, this can mean that there’s a problem with feeding fuel or a faulty transformer which, if left untreated for long enough, could lead to more serious issues.


Rust or corrosion of the heating system is another big flag to look out for. At the same time, it makes intuitive sense that heating systems working with large volumes of water would rust eventually; a properly functioning system shouldn’t have any leaks that allow the water to attack the metal components of your heater.

A device presently showing small bits of rust indicates that it will eventually corrode if left to continue without repair. This corrosion will weaken the metal components that are necessary to keep it working properly. A little preventative care right now can save you a huge headache later.


Pump issues are another one of those repairs where a little bit of preventative maintenance can save you from having to do a much more involved repair. Some of the biggest early warning flags for pump issues are if you see some water collecting around the pump or notice a new loudness in the pump noise. That small amount of water leaking can infiltrate the casing of the pump, which can rapidly cause rusty motor bearings that, at the very least, will need to be replaced and, at worst, can lead to needing a full-on replacement of the pump system.

Maintaining continuous and consistent pumping also helps push things through the filter and sanitation systems, which is important in preventing bacteria and algae buildup. Without a well-functioning pump, the whole system can quickly spiral downward. The pump doesn’t move fluid through the sanitization system, which leads to increased algal or bacterial growth, which can clog the filter and thus put more strain on the pump leading to a huge amount of work that can easily be avoided by keeping tabs on your pump system and keeping it working appropriately.

Sanitizing Systems

Sanitizing systems are one of the most diverse elements of a pool setup. Depending on exactly what system you have in place, you can have radically different maintenance needs and outcomes. A Salt sanitizing system, for instance, is going to have a much different failure state than a UV/Ozone system and vice versa.

Salt Sanitizing Systems

Salt systems require proactive maintenance to keep them functional; however, most of them are not moving parts. That said, the presence of salt in your water can be an additional problem if you run into major leaks in your system. Salt is significantly more corrosive to the metal elements of your pool system than alternatives, and a pool’s chlorine only accelerates that. While salt systems are very attractive for several reasons, if you have one, you will need maintenance on the other elements of your pool more frequently as a direct result.

UV/Ozone (UVO) Systems

By combining UV and Ozone, these systems can produce high-powered hydroxyl radicals in localized areas to deep clean your water of most algal or bacterial growth. While the high initial cost of these systems can be a barrier to entry, once established, they have incredibly low upkeep costs and can keep your pool as low as 0.02 ppm chlorine, which will help the metal elements of your pool equipment last longer.

However, it’s easy to set and forget these systems, leading to the essential steps of refreshing your bulbs and other elements being forgotten, which can result in a sudden bloom if you aren’t careful. Scheduling maintenance ahead of time and on a recurring basis can prevent your other equipment from suffering the consequences of missing a time point.

Mineralizing Systems

Mineralizing systems’ use of copper and other metals is an easy way to set up a control system at the beginning of each swim season to set and forget. However, you should ensure before setting one up that all the piping involved in your pool system is the correct material. Using improper materials could lead to a great deal of deposition and corrosion.

No matter what sanitization system you’re using, our team can ensure that you are kept on the right track and that all necessary components are checked on time, every time. We will work to correct whatever has gone wrong, even if you’ve had professional help before that may not have been the right fit.

Contact Aqua Masters, Inc. for West Hollywood Pool Service

Our pool contractors have over 35 years of experience in working with some of the most sophisticated West Hollywood swimming pools on the market. Our swimming pool repair service is at the top of the game if you’re having difficulty with your pool maintenance or suspect the equipment could run a little better. Contact Aqua Masters, Inc. today, and we’ll schedule a time to come out and help you determine what it will take to restore your sanctuary.


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