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Pool Pump Repair Services in Beverly Hills

Aqua Masters Pool Equipment Repair Services in Beverly Hills, CA


Pool pump functionality is critical to keeping your water crystal clear and safe to swim. Just like other equipment, the longer you let the problem go, the more expensive the repair may be.

Signs Your Pool Pump Needs to Be Repaired or Replaced

If you’re experiencing water around the pump or noticing it sounds louder than normal, we recommend you have one of our experienced techs out to take a look. Letting the water build up under the pump will allow the bearings inside the motor to rust, resulting in a completely failed pump.

Types of Pumps

There are two types of pumps for swimming pools:

  • Single speed pumps operate at one RPM and are available in several different sizes which is marked by horsepower or HP. Unfortunately, California recently outlawed the sale and installation of new single speed pumps OR motors so if the problem is anything other than a small leak, you will likely need to purchase a new variable speed pump.
  • Variable speed pumps operate at specific set RPMs which will be programmed by the installer. By operating at lower RPM settings for longer periods of time, customers can enjoy lower electricity bills and quieter operation.

Alternative Sanitizing Solutions

  • Salt Systems

Salt systems take salt from the pool water and create a more natural form of chlorine to dispense into the pool. Salt systems provide very soft and natural feeling water for enjoyment. Salt systems do require proactive maintenance and repair to ensure consistent enjoyment. From a repairs point of view, salt systems have service lights which indicate when something is wrong that needs to be addressed.

  • UV/Ozone

UV Light and Ozone Gas have long been staples in the industry. However, only recently has science expanded on the two, learning that when combined, they create the most powerful sanitizer
known, the Hydroxyl Radical. With this form of sanitizer, you can enjoy almost chlorine free pool water. The typical pool requires 3-5ppm chlorine whereas a pool with UV/Ozone requires as little as .02ppm chlorine to effectively sanitize the water.

  • Mineralizing Systems

Mineral systems use copper and other metals to sanitize the water. During swim season, Aqua Masters deploys a mineralizer in each body of water to limit chemical demand, which in turn results in better water quality at a lower cost.


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